Why belong and use yea yea events?
Disruptive ideas are the ones that are changing business.

In 2008, some investors passed to invest $150 k/ USD in Airbnb, which meant 10% of the company. Today, Airbnb is one of the biggest companies in lodging and worth billions of USD. 

But is it really? The idea behind Airbnb was to rent your house or rooms in your home to strangers. It sounded and still sounds really weird. At the time, no one was doing that.

Think of the risk that is represented. Can you imagine how difficult was the “pitch” the partners had to make to the investors? The value promise of that new business was to let strangers sleep in your house for a few nights in exchange for a few bucks. Simply too risky.

Disruptive ideas like Airbnb, Uber, or Instagram seem impractical and unattractive at first glance. But the story is entirely different!

But thinking only of the companies that managed to make those ideas a reality, business concepts have to be creative, different, and new to be noticed. They even have to create a need that we didn’t realize we had. The problem with those fantastic ideas is that, by definition, they sound entirely crazy at first. And at the end of the day, not all ideas are good and make it.

Today, in the midst of the pandemic, we went from having a problem to innovating and creating new opportunities in Mexico’s events and meetings sector. Something very trite but true is that from significant problems, opportunities are born, and great ideas are created.

YEA YEA Eventos was born in the worst historical moment of the events and meetings sector in Mexico. During the pandemic, thousands of us have lost our jobs, and the industry does not see a quick recovery. Our clients are not doing events, and today we do not see when we will return to the revenue level we were at in February 2020. What’s more, most of our clients don’t know when they’re coming back to the office, so we don’t know when we will get back to doing meetings and events consistently.

Now, a basic analogy that I like to discuss with colleagues in the industry about this situation. Imagine that companies dedicated to the events and entertainment industry are fish living in a pond (pond = The Market). There are fish of all sizes, enormous, big, medium, and a good amount, very small (Marketshare). We are all at the expense of the kids who feed the pond with bread (Demand).

Before the pandemic happened, the Kids would arrive with a giant loaf of bread, and there was enough for everyone. Today, they only come with a piece of bread. (Studies by the Anahuac University attribute to the event industry in Mexico more than USD 25,000 Million *).

But we are all still there, some hibernating, some better than others, but we are all in the same pond. What are the small companies going to do? Why are the odds and possibilities with the more prominent companies? The fight for the market will become a pond of piranhas and sharks, and the most aggressive will be the one who gets the best share. 

The only way to overcome this situation and stay in the game is to have your own pond, to create an idea that is so good, so disruptive, that only you can take advantage of the opportunities. We must out of the pond full of sharks to have our own.

When companies start needing our services again, hundreds of thousands of companies will do the same thing. But the market will be different, it will be very small, and what is more, the time in which the market will recover in the same way is very long, maybe until the beginning of 2022, and I hope I am wrong. 

Thinking in this fatalistic way but at the same time very close to reality, we took on the task of creating a new concept where the main objective is to reach our clients’ opportunities before anyone else.

Let's be our clients' first choice when they are ready to do meetings and events again. let's be at the top of the pyramid when the industry is back.

And for our clients, of course, we have to give something in return, we have created very high standards to meet all your requirements. We have created 100% customer-focused policies that will benefit our clients so that you will always want to work with us because of our customer-oriented approach. And all in a way that doesn’t exist in Mexico’s entertainment and events sector, a way you can’t miss!

And for our suppliers, today more than ever, we have to focus on highlighting the attributes of what we do to become a reference for our products or services. Our platform provides you with an army of sales and executives with many years of experience that will help you offer the best experiences for our customers. 

We invite you to join this new creative way to hire all the services you need for your events and meetings in Mexico!! And if you don’t find them, we will find them for you.