Terms and conditions of use of YEA YEA Events

1. General Information

1.1. These Terms and Conditions of Use (from now on referred to as “Terms” and/or “Conditions,” if applicable) govern your access to or use of the YEA YEA Events virtual platform composed of a mobile application and a website made available by YEA YEA Events, a trademark under the YeaEvents.com LLC company located in the State of Delaware, USA.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Vouchers or Booking Contracts by the platform in addition to the Economic Proposals for Projects that are issued on the YEA YEA Events virtual platform.

1.3. A Voucher or Booking Contract means an instrument, either physically or electronically, that entitles the holder to receive the supplier’s offer for the time indicated in the Voucher or Booking Contract, provided that the terms and conditions listed by YEA YEA Events are met.

1.4. A product or service may refer interchangeably to the activity, event, or service specified in the Voucher or Booking Contract.

1.5 The Supplier is the one who sells, supplies, and/or provides the activities, events, or services specified in the Voucher or Booking Contract.

1.6 The Supplier is a third party outside of YEA YEA Events that sells, supplies, and/or provides activities, events, or services. YEA YEA Events does not sell, supply, and/or provide what the supplier’s offers; it only sells and supplies the Voucher or Booking Contract and generates the monetary transaction.

1.7   YEA YEA Events reserves the right to modify these Terms of Sale at any time unilaterally. All amendments to these Terms of Sale will be posted online. You will only be subject to the version of the Terms of Sale that you accepted when purchasing a Voucher or Booking Contract.

2. Booking

2.1 You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a Voucher or Booking Contract. Before you can make a purchase, you must register and create an account at YEA YEA Events.

2.2 By clicking on the “Book Now” or “Book Now and Pay Later” button, it submits your request to YEA YEA Events; in short, an executive will get in touch with you to confirm the services and send you a Voucher or Contract that makes you payee to the product or service.

You’ll receive an email and payment options, after paying, you’ll get a confirmation for your booking. The purchase is complete when you receive by email the Voucher or Booking Contract issued by YEA YEA Events.

If our Business Partner in your country is registered as a supplier of your company, the contract’s policies and conditions concluded between the two companies will apply so that contract may change the way and structure of booking on the platform. 

2.3 The Supplier may have its terms and conditions applicable to the sale, supply, and/or provision of the offering supplier. You can find them within the information of the email we sent you.

2.4 Payment Options:

2.4.1. We accept the following payment methods at YEA YEA Events:

  • Wire transfer. 
  • Credit Cards such as Visa / MasterCard / American Express
  • Paypal and Stripe
  • We DO NOT accept cash payments.

If your company has a contract with our business partner in your country, you can apply the same Payment and Credit terms. (Include a message in your booking)

2.4.2. We use the USD as our payment currency; we will use our bank’s daily exchange rate for other currencies. Read your contract to find all the types of currency we accept. 

2.4.3. Cardholder’s Jurisdiction:

The cardholder is responsible for any of the additional fees charged by their bank and/or country. Each law within the cardholder’s state and/or country concerning such transactions is the cardholder’s responsibility. We are not responsible for extra fees that your Bank may issue during a transaction. We recommend researching transaction fees and the exchange rate your bank applies. 

2.4.4. Authorization and payment process

To make a payment to YEA YEA Events, we will send you an electronic invoice with all legal requirements. All payments are processed by Banks that provide us the most secure services. If you require more information regarding this process, please contact hola@yeaevents.com

2.5 The applicable taxes will be applied. 

The taxes that apply are those in your country of residence and are reflected in the sales price or the quote we sent to you. And our prices already include taxes. Other taxes may apply in your Country, in which case, it will be informed to you by the executive at the time of confirming the services.

2.6 Prices and Availability

All bookings offered at YEA YEA Events are subject to availability. We reserve the right to change the prices of any booking at any time and in the future (provided that such price change does not apply to a confirmed booking or a booking already paid). We reserve the right to correct pricing errors, typographical mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions that may occur inadvertently. We reserve the right to change or update the information without notice.

3. Use of the Voucher or Booking Contract with a supplier

3.1 Unless expressly stated otherwise:

(a) the Voucher or Booking Contract can only be used once;

(b) the Voucher or Booking Contract may only be used with the Supplier providing the activity, event, and the booked service.

(c) the Voucher or Booking Contract is valid only for the number of persons indicated and the agreed conditions.

(d) you must follow the instructions associated with the Voucher or Booking Contract

3.2 To use a Voucher or Booking Contract

Without  YEA YEA Events assistance, you must present it to the supplier within the booked period. If you do not use the Voucher or Booking Contract within the booked period, the Voucher or BookingContract expires automatically. It can no longer be used, and you are not entitled to any refund or compensation. If you are unable to take the service on the agreed date, talk to your executive, and we will do our best to change it to another date; otherwise, it will not be possible to get it back.

With YEA YEA Events assistance, most of our services have custom attention and on-site support. This means that one of our executives can be present at the activity or at the event to make sure you have the best possible service. When this is the case, our executive will be the one who manages the services with the supplier. You will get this information at the time of booking. 

3.3 Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Voucher or Contract entitles the bearer of a Voucher or Contract to receive the offering supplier at a specific time. It is strongly recommended that you contact the Supplier to confirm your booked activity, event, or service at an early stage.

3.4  The Vouchers or Booking Contracts may be used only for the issued activity, event, or service. You shall not be entitled to a credit or cash refund for the difference between the Supplier’s Offer’s value and the actual value of the goods and/or services delivered and/ or provided by the Supplier.

3.5  The Vouchers or Booking Contract must be used in their entirety. They cannot be used partially and cannot be upgraded either. Suppose for any reason you use the Voucher or Booking Contract with a Supplier for less than the original value offered by the Supplier. In that case, this does not entitle you to a credit or cash refund for the difference between the original value and the value used.

3.6 If, for unforeseen reasons, a Supplier is unable to supply and/or provide the service offered as described in the Voucher or Booking Contract, the Supplier shall notify YEA YEA Events in due time. YEA YEA Events will provide you with a new Voucher or Booking Contract with comparable benefits (if available) or a refund of the Voucher or Booking Contract’s total price. If there are additional expenses, we will also refund them. Please note that there is a force majeure clause in our contracts explaining how this policy does not apply. 

4. General use of the Voucher or Booking Contract

4.1 Any purchase of a Voucher or Booking Contract is for your personal or business use. 

4.2 The Voucher or Booking Contract is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Neither YEA YEA Events nor the Supplier is responsible for the Voucher or Booking Contract’s loss or theft or retrieving the Voucher or Booking Contract reference numbers or the Vouchers and Booking Contract security codes. You can also be sure that YEA YEA Events assigns you an executive who tracks your services at all times, but sometimes the service requires you to present the Voucher or Contract in person to redeem it. 

4.3 You agree not to provide false information, including false names, addresses, and/or contact or payment details; or engage in any illegal activity connected with the purchase or use of a Voucher or Booking Contract, or allow another person to do so. If you book on behalf of your company, please tell us who may be the creditor or beneficiary of such services. 

4.4 Any attempt to use a Voucher or Booking Contract against these Terms of Sale may void a Voucher or Booking Contract at YEA YEA Events discretion.

4.5 Reproduction of a Voucher or Booking Contract is prohibited.

4.6 Commercial exchange of a Voucher or Booking Contract is prohibited.

5. Cancellations (and exceptions), refunds, and issues

5.1 You have the legal right to cancel your purchase of the Voucher or Booking Contract within the calendar days mentioned in the Voucher or Contract. After the day you receive the confirmation email (the “Voucher or Booking Contract cancellation period”). This is written at the top of each Voucher or Contract, and you can also view the policies on the website within the product or service description. 

5.2 If you wish to cancel your purchase of a Voucher or Booking Contract, you can do so by contacting your YEA YEA Events executive via email or phone. You’ll always have a designated executive.

5.3 If you cancel your purchase and/or booking per this section, YEA YEA Events will refund all payments made as part of your investment at YEA YEA Events within the next 15 business days from the day you informed YEA YEA Events about your cancellation. This as long as there is no penalty. 

5.4 If you use your Voucher or Booking Contract, but the Supplier has not adequately provide you with the service, or if you have a complaint regarding the service’s provision, you must directly take dire action against the supplier. This is because the supplier, and not YEA YEA Events, is responsible for supplying and/or providing the Supplier product. YEA YEA Events only sells and supplies the Voucher or Booking Contract. On many occasions, we can intervene arbitrarily to find a better resolution.

5.5 Unless you expressly inform YEA YEA Events in advance, any refund will be refunded to you via your original payment method. If your original payment method has been canceled, expired, or otherwise changed, you should immediately inform the customer support team or by email. If you don’t and you’re refunded to your original payment method, you may need to coordinate with your bank or payment service provider to get your refund. YEA YEA Events will not provide more than one refund.

5.6 You have 30 days from the date you receive the refund to refuse it. Suppose you do not deny the refund during these 30 days. In that case, the refund will be the complete and final settlement of any and every claim you may have against YEA YEA Events arising or related to this Voucher or Booking Contract.

6. Liability for the supplier’s offer

6.1 Please note that the Supplier is:

6.1.1 The service provider mentioned on the page and product or service description you just purchased. 

6.1.2 The party entering into a contract with the Voucher or Booking Contract holder and the one who provides and/or supplies the service when using the Voucher or Booking Contract.

6.1.3 The supplier’s details are mentioned in the Voucher or Booking Contract, and the information is always clear about it. 

7.1 YEA YEA Events is committed to:

7.1.1 Exercise reasonable care and ability to fulfill its obligations under the following terms of Sale;

7.1.2 We have cautiously audited each of the vendors shown on the YEA YEA Events platform.

7.1.2 We have carefully studied each of the vendors shown on the YEA YEA Events platform. From our perspective, they all meet the highest quality standards required for the products and/or services offered.

7.1.3 The receipts for booking or Vouchers or Contracts are legitimate and suitable for their purpose. We have the supplier’s legal and obligatory consent to market the products on the YEA YEA Eventsplatform.

7.2 YEA YEA Events is always liable for: (a) death and personal injury caused by the negligence of YEA YEA Events (ask about our liability policy so that you know our scope); (b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) any breach by you of the undertakings in Section 7.1 prior or any other implied contractual term that cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

7.3 Beyond the agreed terms on Section 7.2 above, YEA YEA Events is not liable for any losses, including indirect losses, that are not caused by non-compliance.

7.4 YEA YEA Events is not responsible for any breach of an obligation under these Terms of Sale when it is hindered or prevented from fulfilling its obligations for any cause beyond its reasonable control. See the force majeure clause in the service contract.

7.5 Apart from the liability arising from Section 7.2, which is limited, YEA YEA Events’ total liability to you shall under no circumstances exceed the amount of 100% of the total price of the Voucher or Booking Contract.

8. YEA YEA Events Website

The YEA YEA Events website (the “Site”) refers to the Internet website, mobile applications, communications or electronic services, or any place where you can purchase a YEA YEA Events Voucher or Booking Contract. Our official website iswww.yeaevents.com

9. Data Privacy.

YEA YEA Events is obliged to use the personal data you provide to it, solely for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions. YEA YEA Events is obliged to process such personal data in strict compliance with the relevant law’s provisions, regulatory policies, and other policies issued by the competent authority. 

You can also see our privacy notice at www.yeayeaeventos/avisodeprivacidad  …

10. Miscellaneous

9.1 If you breach these Terms of sale and YEA YEA Events does not take any action against you, this does not mean that YEA YEA Events has waived its rights and remedies concerning your breach. YEA YEA Events may still act or exercise its rights and remedies for such action, or any other situation, arising from its breach under these Terms of Sale.

9.2 Unless otherwise stated, in these Terms of Sale, notices to be sent to either party will be made in writing and sent by email (except if you send notice to YEA YEA Events for any legal process which case it will be made by email. Any notice that YEA YEA Events sends to you will be at the address you provided to YEA YEA Events when you registered to your YEA YEA Events account. You may send any notice to YEA YEA Events at the registered office address set out in Section 1.1.

9.3 We will do our best to resolve any dispute over these Terms of Sale. If you wish to file a legal claim against us, you must do so in the United States.