Fireworks Show for Events in Mexico


Fireworks Show for events in Mexico is perfect for your next event. They'll create a memorable experience that people will remember for years to come! We will make your celebrations better than ever. Book one today, and you'll be blown away by what a difference it will make. Cancelation policies depend on the project.

What to Expect

For us, the fireworks show production involves a careful selection of each of its components, from the place of assembly to provide safety and a better perspective on the public through the choice of color and caliber of the last pyrotechnic effect worn for the show.
Certainly, our fireworks are full of beautiful colors with crafts made of art, the art of lighting up the sky. With over 60 years of experience, we professionalize an important artisan activity with great tradition in our country.
Most important, our clients have the security and confidence that Pirotecnia Internacional will make their celebration a memorable event and last in the minds of all the attendees.
Fireworks Show for events in Mexico is perfect for your next event.

Under Request, the following services are offered:

  • Fireworks: As Chrysanthemums, they are like flowers that open to the public, inviting their color and movement. Requires large and open spaces.
  • Low Impact Pyrotechnics: meant to be close to the audience or performers on stage.
  • Indoor Pyrotechnics: Emit minimum amounts of residues, smoke, and heat. For instance, useful for party halls, theaters, or stages.
  • Daytime Effects: Aerial and floor products for morning events.
  • Pirotecnia: Creates an impressive rain of color in open and closed spaces. These are paper figures propelled by non-flammable gases.
  • FX. Special Effects: Special products that create special effects for movies, theater, concerts, and TV shows.
  • Aquatic Pyrotechnics: Products that stay lit despite floating in the water.
  • Industrial applications. Products for the fishing industry (underwater flares), aeronautics (bird and fauna control in airports), mining (explosives with specific needs), railroads (signaling and localization), and agriculture (cloud seeding).


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