Fixed point ambulance service for events in Mexico


Fixed point ambulance service for events in Mexico from Angeles Verdes Tourist Services Corporation, contributes to and strengthen the regional and state development of the country, certainly. In addition, with the timely provision of comprehensive information services, guidance, advice, telephone assistance, emergency mechanics, aid and support 365 days a year, to national, domestic and foreign tourists, without a doubt.

What to Expect

To clarify, fixed point ambulance service includes:

  • Emergency ambulance equipped with oxygen, defibrillator monitor, trauma, healing and emergency equipment.
  • Also, 2 paramedics on board
  • Medicines from the basic list, certainly.
  • In addition, preventive measures for covid 19
  • Undoubtedly, patient transportation to the hospital in the same municipality.

Important information:

Moreover, consider extra hour cost: $54 USD


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Alberto Herrera

Posted 7 months ago
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