Dragon Circus Show



Fusing the circus with theater and dance here is the Dragon Circus Show! That is to say, we managed to bring to the stage shows of the highest creative quality. We have the best acrobatics, aerial dance, juggling, and clowning. Without a doubt. Try this experience and be amazed of the talented acrobats and artists from the Dragon Circus. Therefore, they create unique and personalized shows with professional and top-level artists, with more than 400 characters.

What to expect

The Dragon Circus show is not just an event. Tt's a breathtaking journey into a realm of unparalleled experiences. Step into a world where every moment is extraordinary, as our circus acts transport you to a realm of wonder and amazement. From mesmerizing musical numbers that synchronize with daring performances to the kaleidoscope of lights that paint the stage, every detail is meticulously choreographed to immerse you in a sensory extravaganza. As the music swells, you'll find yourself whisked away to another dimension, a realm brimming with breathtaking sensations and spectacular displays of human achievement.

The Dragon Circus is a celebration of artistry. A fusion of talent and creativity that invites you to leave the ordinary behind and embrace the extraordinary. Join us under the big top, where the magic of the circus unfolds in a symphony of sights. Sounds promising you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will linger in your memory for years to come.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
Set 45 min


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Alberto Herrera

Posted 6 months ago
  • alberto.herrera.ramirez@gmail.com
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