AMBROSIA Social and Corporate Events in Mexico


At AMBROSIA Social and Corporate Events in Mexico City every detail counts when organizing the perfect event. Imagination is the limit, because there is nothing we enjoy more than sharing the excitement of creating together your ideal event. From the ideation of concepts to the materialization of your dream event, you won't have to worry about anything but enjoying that special day with your guests.

What to expect:

With AMBROSIA Social and Corporate Events in Mexico, it doesn't matter if it is in a living room or garden, for a very intimate event or a big celebration, without a doubt. You just choose and they will make it happen!
Actually, ambrosia are pioneers in the creation and organization of culinary experiences, transforming food and beverage services in Mexico. That is to say, they are redefining their business model to cover a much wider range of needs, providing all customers with unique moments. With this in mind, Ambrosia reinforces its leadership and trajectory to always serve with passion and dedication, being your ally at all times.


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