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Welcome to Cardenal Oaxaca the perfect venue to celebrate your corporate event amidst the charm of history and culture. Formerly known as the Oaxacan Nuns Cloister until 1984, Cardenal Oaxaca Venue for Events has emerged as a symbol of timeless beauty, nestled beside the majestic Santo Domingo Convent in the heart of the city. The location is truly exceptional, situated along the scenic Touristic Road of Oaxaca Downtown, at 704 Alcala Street.

Cardenal Oaxaca Venue provides the perfect canvas for all kind of events, offering the venue itself and working seamlessly with the chosen planners and providers. Schedule a visit with your selected professionals to explore over 16,000 square feet of space, crafting an unforgettable day for the best incentive. Every moment of the planning process will be as enjoyable as the event day! Embark on this journey with Cardenal Oaxaca Venue for Events.

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What to expect from this venue:

Whether you're hosting a corporate conference, a product launch, or a team-building retreat. Cardenal Oaxaca Venue for Events is equipped to meet your every need. Therefore, enjoy the flexible event space, combined with our expert team and top-notch amenities. It ensures that your corporate gathering will be a resounding success.

Moreover, with a backdrop of historical significance and cultural charm, Cardenal Oaxaca provides an ambiance that goes beyond mere professionalism; it fosters an atmosphere where innovation and creativity flourish, making your event an inspiring journey. Your gathering at Cardenal Oaxaca will not only inspire professionalism. But it will also be infused with the unique spirit of Oaxaca.

Enriching your experience with the region's deep-rooted traditions, flavors, and artistic vitality. To sum up, join us in creating memorable and productive corporate experiences. Against the enchanting tapestry of our beautiful city, where every detail aligns to elevate your event. Your next successful and unforgettable corporate gathering begins here, at Cardenal Oaxaca for Events.


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