Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum for rental in Mexico City


The Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum for rental of private venues in Mexico City is an initiative carried out through the Pedro Meyer Foundation. Moreover its objective is to make education and understanding of contemporary images available to everyone.', 'Indeed, the space is located between the Miguel Hidalgo delegation and the municipality of Naucalpan. Actually, its development, which began in 2012, involved the remodeling of the original building and the incorporation of new spaces. That is to say, resulting in an innovative project signed by architect Mauricio Rocha, an award-winning specialist in the creation of cultural spaces throughout the country.', 'The choice of this area was due to its high level of growth, with a surrounding population of almost 3 million inhabitants.

What to expect:

Certainly, all the spaces at Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum for rental of private venues in Mexico City are available for private events. Likewise, the venue has three floors that can be adapted to any type of set-up.
Therefore, the space was inaugurated in September 2015. To clarify it has more than 5,000 m2 built that includes three galleries for exhibition (of 1,500, 1,000 and 520 meters), an auditorium for 180 people, 4 multipurpose classrooms, cafeteria, store, restaurant and terrace, to list.


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