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El Eco museum venue for private events in Mexico City was conceived as a living meeting place, a place for speculation and reflection on art and its experimental and emotional dimensions. You'll be able to host your most special private events here.', 'The Eco Pavilion was initiated in 2010 with the mission to offer a platform for architectural production with an emphasis on experimentation and spatial reflection. Over the course of this decade, the project evolved from an invitational competition centered in Mexico City, to a national call for proposals, a selection scheme, the invitation of a curator to define lines of research and, finally, an alliance with the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM. The latter to carry out a joint program under the name Pabellon Eco.

What to expect:

Part of the enigma, mysticism and power of El Eco museum venue for private events in Mexico City, lies in the erratic life it has led over the years. It began as an experimental museum, a museum without a collection whose intention was to expand the languages of the arts. Then it became a restaurant, a nightclub, a theater, and a meeting place for political activities. All of these roles dramatically altered its architectural structure during the 1950s and the years that followed Daniel Mont's death in 1953.


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