El Grullo Naturista Wellness Venue in Puerto Vallarta



El Grullo Naturista wellness venue in Puerto Vallarta is a small piece of heaven! Here you'll certainly be provided with health and wellness retreats to help you start your path of inner and outer recovery. Welcome to El Grullo Naturista, our tropical health and wellness resort!

What to expect:

At El Grullo Naturista wellness venue in Puerto Vallarta happiness is the highest form of health. Of course, our settings are ideal for groups. Our casitas, which may be used for yoga, wellness therapies, and activities, are great for groups indeed. Everything is integrated in a peaceful, quiet setting that promotes group dynamics while providing each individual with the personal space they require to spend time alone.
We take care of every last detail. That is to say, we'll ensure that your group receives the individual attention they need and that every moment of their stay is ideal from the moment they arrive until they go.

Important information:

  • You can only access by sea, the costs don't include the transportation.
  • Temperatures in the summer can reach 34¬∞C (93¬∞F) during the day, while the sea wind produces a cool atmosphere at night.
  • December, January, and February are the coldest months.
  • The cellular and data signal may be affected in some areas, depending on your service provider.
  • However, there is free wifi available.


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