Patio Los Arcos for corporate and themed events in Puerto Vallarta


Patio Los Arcos for corporate and themed events in Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place to hold events, such as corporate meetings and any date that deserves to be celebrated. To clarify, it is located in the beautiful Club Regina in the exclusive area of La Marina, Puerto Vallarta. Therefore, it offers a wide variety of services to make your event unforgettable: banquets, music, photography, furniture, staff to plan your event, decoration and drinks.

Furthermore, the enchanting setting of Patio Los Arcos within Club Regina, nestled in the exclusive La Marina area of Puerto Vallarta. Provides an exquisite backdrop for a wide range of corporate and themed events. With its lush surroundings and the serene ambiance of the marina, it's a place where business meetings can be both productive and enjoyable, and special occasions can be celebrated in style. The venue's commitment to excellence extends to a comprehensive array of services designed to ensure that your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

From sumptuous banquets that cater to your culinary preferences to a curated selection of music. Also, professional photography services, elegant furniture arrangements, and a dedicated event planning team. Every detail is meticulously attended to. The décor is tastefully designed to suit your event's theme. Not to mention a well-stocked bar offers a delightful array of drinks to complement your celebration. Patio Los Arcos is where moments of significance are transformed into unforgettable memories. Making it the premier choice for events in Puerto Vallarta.

What to expect:

Patio Los Arcos for corporate and themed events in Puerto Vallarta has experienced personnel to carry out those crucial and gala events. For sure, they will support you at all times. Also they'll be aware of any need or demand that may emerge during the planning and execution of your event.
Therefore, they have a broad range of decorations, settings, menus, and other elements. All to provide your guests the ideal mix in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Important information:

  • Events must end at 1 a.m.
  • You must consider a minimum of 72 hrs notice when booking
  • You can hire the services of other providers under specific terms and conditions


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