Guanajuato City Private Tour


Join this Guanajuato City Private Tour into a captivating 4 to 5-hour journey to unravel the enchantment encapsulated within the beautiful city of Guanajuato. Moreover, the Guanajuato City Corporate Excursion offers a profound insight into the city's history and prominent legends, providing corporate enthusiasts with an opportunity to delve into the cultural and architectural richness of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

What to Expect:

Guided by certified tour guides endorsed by the Secretariat of Tourism, participants can anticipate a service distinguished by quality and warmth. The experience, conducted on comfortable and tourist-friendly transport, immerses guests in the city's allure, combining history, architecture, and local legends.

Therefore, this Private Guanajuato City Tour offers a personalized experience. The pricing varies based on the number of participants:

  • For 1 to 4 persons,$135 USD.
  • For 5 to 14 persons, $175 USD.
  • For 15 to 20 persons, $235 USD.

That is to say, private tours allow flexibility in choosing the start time. The package includes transportation with a certified guide and traveler's insurance. Please note that museum entry fees and tips for guides, operators, or narrators are not included, to clarify.

The expedition covers an array of significant sites:

1. Museum of the Mummies: Displaying 68 preserved bodies, including the world's smallest mummy. The museum unfolds gripping stories such as the woman buried alive, the first mummy, a French doctor, and a pregnant woman.

2. Valenciana Mine: Dating back to 1548, this was the first mine discovered and has been one of the most productive globally in gold and silver. Visitors descend 60 meters to explore mineral veins and their formation.

3. San Cayetano Temple: Among Mexico's seven most beautiful temples, this masterpiece of Mexican Baroque Churrigueresque architecture boasts three altars laminated in 23.5-carat gold.

4. Inquisition Museum: Formerly used by the Holy Inquisition for torturing dissenters of the Catholic religion. The hacienda now exhibits 46 torture devices.

5. Tasting Local Sweets and Shopping: Experience the city's traditional sweets. Including the famous charamusca and trompadas, with optional time for craft and mineral shopping.

6. Underground Streets and Tunnels: Unique in the world, Guanajuato's 27 tunnels. Originally created out of necessity due to the city's topography, now serve as a tourist attraction.

7. Residential Areas - Old and New: Explore areas that have housed the city's wealthiest population over time. Also, showcasing diverse architectural styles, including French, English, Portuguese, and Italian designs from the Porfiriato era.

8. Panoramic Roads: Traverse scenic routes overlooking the historic center. Offering splendid photo opportunities, without a doubt.

9. Pípila Monument and Viewpoint: Dedicated to the Independence hero Juan José de los Reyes Martínez. Known as Pípila, the monument provides the best panoramic view of Guanajuato.

To conclude, the Guanajuato City Corporate Excursion is meticulously designed to offer corporate groups an immersive experience. Blending history, architecture, and culture against the breathtaking backdrop of Guanajuato's scenic beauty.


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