Guanajuato Wine Tasting Tour


Amaze yourself with this Guanajuato Wine Tasting Tour, an enlightening journey through the rich history of wine in Mexico. This experience unveils unparalleled vineyard properties and offers unique encounters in this vibrant state. With over 200 options to explore, including wineries, accommodations, gastronomy, wellness activities, cultural excursions, and event spaces, you can seamlessly integrate remarkable experiences into your next corporate trip.

The best part? The route allows you to traverse vine-covered landscapes in journeys lasting less than 30 minutes. Explore the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City of San Miguel de Allende and wander through the Magical Towns of Dolores Hidalgo, the Cradle of Mexican Independence, as well as Comonfort and San Diego de la Unión. Discover the historical memories of vines in Guanajuato and carry with you the liquid history of its journey in every bottle, to illustrate.

Moreover, Guanajuato's vineyards, situated at Mexico's highest altitudes and characterized by volcanic stones, clay, and the waters of the Bajío orchard, give the wines of Guanajuato unparalleled and distinctive properties. Don't miss the chance to plan your route and begin uncovering all the experiences designed in the exciting world of wine.

What to Expect:

The state of Guanajuato Wine Tasting Tour in Mexico boasts a viticultural history dating back five centuries, with the introduction of the first grapevines. However, significant development in viticulture began more prominently in recent decades. The cultivation of vines has sparked a new agricultural vocation in the cities and magical towns of Guanajuato, providing an opportunity to nurture a different connection with these lands.

The Protagonists Behind Guanajuato Wines:

Meet the passionate individuals shaping the narrative of Guanajuato wines. From oenologists like Natalia López and Branko Pjanic of Bodega Garambullo to Juan Manchón of Cavas Manchón. Elías Torres of Bodega Pájaro Azul, and Tiburcio Hernández Campos, agronomist at Cuna de Tierra. Each contributes to the unique and exceptional wines originating from Guanajuato.

In addition, delve into the historical timeline of Guanajuato's viticulture. From the 16th-century integration into the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro to the 20th-century Porfiriato era. Also, the contemporary surge in vineyard plantations. Discover the resilience of this region. From the burning of Hidalgo's vineyards during the Independence movement to the flourishing vineyards today.

To conclude, the Wine Tasting Tour in Guanajuato promises a sensory and historical immersion into the world of Mexican wine. Providing corporate enthusiasts with a unique blend of cultural richness, terroir exploration, and unforgettable moments.


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