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Welcome to Dionysus Hall Venue at Catedral Restaurant in Oaxaca, the center of Oaxaca's culinary scene, where we proudly present the most vibrant and diverse cuisine in all of Mexico.

With 47 years dedicated to the art of crafting unique gastronomic experiences, our restaurant is a culinary gem. Our prime location in the heart of the city not only provides easy accessibility but also establishes itself as a gathering place for aficionados of authentic Oaxacan traditional cuisine. Honored to be part of the esteemed "Treasures of Mexico" list, we stand as a testament to the rich tapestry of flavors and cultural heritage that defines our culinary identity. Join us in savoring the essence of Oaxaca through our unparalleled dining experience.

Experience the world of extraordinary events as Catedral Oaxaca proudly introduces its exclusive event hall. Encompassing nearly 1000 m2, it stands acclaimed as the city's premier venue. Tailored for flawlessly hosting corporate events, from graduations and conferences to conventions and beyond, it epitomizes seamless sophistication and versatility.

What to Expect:

Enjoy endless advantages and conveniences when you choose Dionysus Hall Venue at Catedral Restaurant in Oaxaca for your corporate events. Revel in the abundance of amenities, including expansive parking, well-illuminated spaces, an open floor plan allowing for panoramic views and optimal airflow, top-notch air conditioning, generously-sized windows, robust 220v three-phase electrical capacity, and a comprehensive array of tables, stages, chairs, linens, and other essentials to ensure the seamless execution of your corporate gathering.

This restaurant is strategically positioned a mere 10 minutes from the historic center. Dionysus Corporate Venue caters to gatherings of up to 1200 guests. Beyond its capacious interiors, the venue boasts a delightful garden space. So it creates an invites to an atmosphere for events accommodating up to 400 people more. The thoughtfully designed venue combines its strategic location and array of amenities. That is to say it ensures a perfect setting for your corporate events of any scale.


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