Durango 275 Hall in Mexico City



At Durango 275 Hall in Mexico City, we appeal to the dynamism and creating experiences. We want to build a place of coexistence. Also, we love to generate stories, and come true infinite possibilities.', 'To point out, the number of guests can range from 40 to 400 people, depending on your chosen area. That is as the treatment is personalized.', 'Durango 275 Hall in Mexico City is more than a hall for social events! It is a space that continuously transforms itself. Like a blank canvas. Offering different scenarios within the same place so it can adapt to any event.

What to expect:

The Durango 275 Hall in Mexico City will adapt to all your needs. Creating unique concepts for each event. And most importantly, giving you the very best treatment.


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Alberto Herrera

Posted 10 months ago
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