Xinalani corporate events and retreats in Puerto Vallarta


At Xinalani corporate events and retreats in Puerto Vallarta, in the beginning, the goal was to build a tropical refuge where people could come for private and group wellness retreats, trainings and seminars.', 'In all we do, we encourage healthy techniques. We've integrated comments from over 200 yoga instructors into our methodology throughout the years, developing our procedures to create Xinalani the best retreat experience for groups.

What to expext

When it comes to you at Xinalani corporate events and retreats in Puerto Vallarta, details matter. We make sure that ground and boat transportation are sorted, adapt our menu to specific diets, design precise schedules for the use of spaces, stick to high standards of housekeeping, and train our staff so that they can do their jobs with full confidence completely oriented to your needs. No detail goes unnoticed.
Important information:

There is no road access
We're on a remote island
Our retreat is built on a steep hill. There's an elevation of 215 ft from the beach to the highest point on the property
There's wifi access everywhere
We try to minimize our environmental impact through low energy consumption. The resort is very dark at night so please bring a flash light.


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