Aromas of Mexico: The Cooking Class in Cancun


Learn the secrets of Mexican cooking with Aromas of Mexico: The Cooking Class in Cancun, a hands on lesson led by a local English-speaking chef. Get expert step-by-step instructions to prepare a 4-course meal representing different regions of Mexico. Take home a souvenir from Cancun in the form of new Mexican cooking skills!

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with "Aromas of Mexico: The Cooking Class in Cancun." This immersive experience goes beyond the ordinary, offering participants the unique opportunity to unravel the secrets of Mexican cuisine from the hands of a skilled, local, English-speaking chef. Dive headfirst into the rich tapestry of Mexican flavors as you receive expert, step-by-step guidance in creating a sumptuous 4-course meal that showcases the diverse regions of Mexico.

It's more than just a cooking class; it's an exploration of culture and tradition, where each dish tells a story and unlocks the vibrant palette of Mexican cuisine. As the class concludes, you'll not only take home cherished memories but also the invaluable souvenir of newfound culinary expertise that will allow you to recreate the magic of Mexico in your own kitchen. Get ready to savor the tastes, textures, and aromas of Mexico like never before in this extraordinary cooking adventure in Cancun!

What to expect from this experience:

Aromas of Mexico Cooking Class in Cancun guarantees an incredible & unique experience!
During the tour, you will be provided with some refreshments. Such as fresh fruit, pastries, and Mexican filtered coffee. These will be offered in an intimate setting at one of the best Mexican restaurants in Cancun. Where the lessons will be taken. Spend the next 4 hrs discovering the tricks behind great Mexican traditional Cooking. Also, listening about the origins behind each dish and ingredients. Experience the authentic warmth of a Mexican kitchen using traditional tools like Molcajete (stone mortar), Comal (flat grill), and clay pots.

Important information:

You'll need proof of purchase of your tour at hand. Print or Screen.
Wear fresh clothes and comfortable shoes for walking, a hat, and sunglasses.
Your sunscreen and insect repellent should be free of chemicals.
Credit card or cash for souvenirs and for personal expenses.


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4 hrs and 30 minutes



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