Bioluminescence Experience in Holbox


This Bioluminescence Experience at Holbox beach has a route of 1000 meters over the Great Mayan Reef. Secondly, passing through different points of coral reef and seagrass. And also, finding marine species that can only be known and observed at night! Such as octopus, squid, moray eels, nocturnal fish, and sea urchins. Moreover, on the nocturnal seagrass, you can observe turtles, rays, crabs, and lobsters, for instance.

Therefore, explore the enchanting world beneath the waves during the Bioluminescence Experience at Holbox beach. This remarkable journey takes you on a 1000-meter (3,280 feet) oute across the captivating Great Mayan Reef, to clarify. Where you'll traverse diverse points of coral reef and seagrass, to clarify. As the sun sets and darkness falls, a new realm awakens. Witness the ocean's nocturnal wonders, encountering elusive marine species that reveal themselves only under the cover of night. From the elusive octopus and squid to the mesmerizing moray eels, the vibrant world of nocturnal fish, and the delicate sea urchins.

Holbox beach unveils a thriving ecosystem that comes alive in the darkness. Glide over the nocturnal seagrass and be mesmerized by the graceful presence of turtles, rays, vigilant crabs, and elusive lobsters. As they all become part of your extraordinary, bioluminescent adventure.

What to expect from this experience:

The best Bioluminescence Experience in Holbox! Amaze yourself by appreciating this incredible natural phenomenon.

Important information:

The experience is not wheelchair accessible
It isn't stroller accessible, neither.
Not suitable for pets
There is no public transportation nearby
Infants must not sit on laps.
Infant seats unavailable
People with back problems must be careful
Not recommended for pregnant travelers
Please keep this voucher with you the whole time.
Pick up starts at 3pm. Depending on your hotel location, the time may change. We will contact you by email to confirm the exact pick up time and location. We pick up major hotels in Holbox, and if your hotel is not by our route, we will set the closest pick up point for your convenience.


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