Tasting and Mixology Virtual Party Teambuilding Experience


This Tasting and Mixology Virtual Party teambuilding experience in Mexico, is best way to integrate your team! You'll be able to identify opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths. All of this, through the experiential and recreational experience. Of course, under the guidance of a coach specializing in leadership, teams, and organizations.

Overall, the tasting of wines, distillates, or the preparation of cocktails has a tremendous force on the teams' motivation. It is an event in which a gesture of interest in the team is consented, recognized, and shown. Particularly, he team appreciates this fact very much and the joy it gives them to receive a kit in their homes, provoking the company's commitment, reinforcing the belonging to the organization, and the identity.

The Activity:

Firstly, in this activity we manage to live together. Also, share and integrate, despite the physical distance, we reinforce the team's approach, which feels motivated, included. As a result, your coworkers will appreciate the company's interest in its teams. It is a virtual trip to the senses. There, you will learn and taste the selected drink! Whether it is a wine from different regions, grapes, flavors, colors. Maybe mezcals in their various classes, craft beers, or the preparation of cocktails with other drinks. Such as rum, vodka, gin, tequila.

Therefore, participants of the Tasting and Mixology Virtual Party teambuilding experience in Mexico, will be guided by the specialist. It'll be either a sommelier or a mixologist, will enjoy a moment of conviviality, fun, recreation, integrating as a team, or receiving a new director, having an award or recognition for their work. They receive the kit in advance at their homes, with all the ingredients and even some accessories so that they can be characterized according to the theme: Latin party, Ribera del Duero region, Oaxaca, country, Mexican, the 80's, etc. In brief, an event that they enjoy appreciates and virtually integrates the teams in these moments of crisis.

What to expect from this experience in Mexico:

Trough this Tasting and Mixology Virtual Party teambuilding experience in Mexico, you'll get integration, motivation and recognition. But most importantly, you'll reinforce a sense of belonging and identity.


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