The Yacht Experience luxury sea adventures in Riviera Maya


The Yacht Experience Riviera Maya offers to you luxury sea adventures, the idea is to provide hands-down the greatest experience as the most exclusive yachting company in Mexico's coastal zone for luxury marine excursions. Discover, visit, and salute to the greatest Caribbean locations by sea, with their original and one-of-a-kind experiences expertly tailored for the most discriminating palates. Captains have more than ten years of expertise in luxury sailing. They have an excellent crew of Chefs, Divemasters, Sailing Crew, and Hosts. With significant expertise and experience in the luxury travel, leisure, service, adventure sports, and yachting sectors, each and every member of their team is eager to spoil you!

Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and adventure with The Yacht Experience in Riviera Maya. As the foremost authority in exclusive yachting excursions along Mexico's stunning coastline, our mission is to deliver the ultimate sea adventure. Our meticulously crafted experiences are designed to introduce you to the Caribbean's most enchanting destinations from a vantage point like no other.

With a team of captains boasting over a decade of expertise in luxury sailing and a dedicated crew. Comprising talented Chefs, Divemasters, Sailing Crew, and Hosts, we bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every voyage. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a blend of both. Then, you can count on the commitment of The Yacht Experience to indulging your desires and ensuring your journey is nothing short of extraordinary. So, set sail with us and let us spoil you. With a level of luxury and service that surpasses all expectations. Your dream sea adventure awaits!

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What to expect from this experience:

At The Yacht Experience in Riviera Maya, all of their experiences include Premium and VIP service indeed. As well as an international, top-shelf bar including high-class mixology, fresh fruit, and drinks, certainly. Dining is a la carte from a daily menu that is chosen, market-fresh. Authorized, and produced onboard by our Executive Chef. That is to say, from our major dishes of seafood, meats, fruit, and vegetables to every aspect of the garnishing and presentation. All the daily menu is from local and market-fresh items.
You don't simply receive the necessities, like beach towels and repellant. Do you require something special? Consider it done!


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