Traditional Mexican Cooking Class Experience


In this Traditional Mexican cooking class experience, you will learn the secrets of Mexican cuisine with a local chef! Mexican cuisine is an authentic treasure in itself. Its flavors and textures make it something very special all around the world. So, what if you learn to prepare the most popular and delicious dishes of traditional Mexican kitchen by the hand of a real chef? Without a doubt, this is the experience that will make your visit to this beautiful city something unforgettable.

You'll cook traditional Mexican food step by step! Firstly, you'll be shopping the ingredients at a local market. Then you'll visit a traditional Mexican kitchen for the cooking experience. It is at a professional chef's place. Lastly, you'll taste real Mexican dishes prepared by yourself! Certainly you'll be delighted by your own creation.

What to expect from this experience:

Learn to cook like a Mexican Chef. In other words, explore an amazing food market and immerse yourself in a hands-on Mexican cooking class experience. Share this lunch with your friends and family and enjoy a pleasant district in Mexico City. You'll be accompanied by a professional chef all the time. He loves to cook and to show visitors his beautiful country. To clarify, all his life is about food and Mexico's traditions! Therefore, he will be happy teach you his grandma's food. Discover the traditional flavors and fall in love with the Mexican culture.

Visit a unique market in Mexico City. There, you'll find some of the most brilliant colors in Mexico! And after shopping all the ingredients, the cooking experience starts. You'll proceed to the chef's apartment in downtown Mexico City. This is the place where you'll learn to prepare traditional Mexican meals. Enjoy this opportunity to appreciate the recipes of a Mexican grandmother. Meanwhile, you'll learn from your chef experiences in Mexican kitchens, he will be happy to teach you how to cook lima soup, chicken and lime soup, and tacos de cochinita (tacos with marinated and roasted pulled pork). Moreover, learn to make Mexican beans and habanero salsa. It's spicy and delicious!

To sum up, you will shop like a local at a real Mexican food market only one block away from where the cooking class will be performing. Therefore, you will cook authentic Mexican dishes in a beautiful setup! Surrounded by a knowledgeable English-speaking Mexican chef.


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