Interactive Entertainment Ideas For Large Crowd Events in Mexico

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about interactive entertainment ideas for large crowd events in Mexico? Probably something along the lines of a sea of people, sweat and boredom. While these are all true, there is so much more to large crowds than meets the eye. After all, not every large crowd is created equal. Some, like concerts and sporting events attract large audiences because they offer something for everyone. Others are there purely because of their location or because they are open to the public on some special occasion. Regardless, if you have an event coming up with a large number of guests and no idea where to start, read on!

Interactive Events in Mexico

One of the best ways to turn a large crowd into an interactive event is through interactive events. This includes games and contests, but can also be as simple as a dance party. Events like these are all about turning the outside, typically uninteresting part of any event into something that will engage those on-lookers who would otherwise be bored. The key to these types of events is your guests’ involvement. If you have guests that are watching and participating in the entertainment instead of just passively observing, then you’ve created an interactive event.

The Fun Events

That Are Worth Attending There are a few events that are worth it to go to because of the experience they offer. To be successful, these events need to have something going on outside of the event itself. For example, if you’re going to a concert for a band you like, make sure there is something else going on nearby in case of rain or bad weather. Another good idea is to throw in an after-party at your venue if the event is at night because then more people will stay around and party. If you plan on attending a sporting event, try and find out what other events are happening nearby and check them out. The more options to choose from, the better!

Corporate Comedian

An interactive entertainment idea for large crowds is to have a corporate comedian. Corporate comedians are an excellent option for events that need a unique take on things. For example, if you are hosting an event at a restaurant, hiring a corporate comedian is the perfect way to shake things up and keep guests engaged. Corporate comics can help lessen the tension and make the day more fun!

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators make a great addition to any event where you’re going for an immersive experience. You can hire a celebrity impersonator like Kylie Jenner or Taylor Swift, or you could even get your own group together. It’s really up to you what kind of personas you want your guests to have when they arrive.

Crowd Activated Interactive Games

These games are easy to set up, can be as simple or as complicated as you want, and require little to no planning. They are perfect for large crowds that have a lot of energy to spare. Some common games include: Line Dancing Line dancing is a popular activity at events like concerts and sporting events. In line dancing, groups of people stand in two lines, facing each other with the space between them small enough to allow close contact.

The first person in one line starts the music and then the other line dances back to them (usually using a clap or stomping noise). When they reach the first person again, they switch places with them and then continue on their way back to the music. The song usually has an upbeat tempo but this doesn’t mean that it can’t also work in smaller venues! This game is great for large crowds because everyone involved becomes a participant rather than just onlookers. If you need something a bit less energetic – try playing “free style”. Free style is when all parties involved start moving without any kind of choreography – this creates a very fun atmosphere!

Candy Matchmakers

A great way to get your guests involved in the event is to offer some sort of game at it. Candy Matchmakers is a fun way for your guests to be able to mingle and have a little bit of fun with their family and friends. This interactive game allows people from all backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience to take part in the fun. Not only will they have a blast playing this game, but they’ll also feel like they are making a difference. Photo courtesy of

Live Bands/MCs

Live music draws people in and they stay around. Set up your band or hire an MC to keep the crowd entertained and excited. Be sure to plan this out beforehand so you will know what to provide them with – a variety of songs for every age group, light shows, dancing and other entertainment activities that appeal to crowds.

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