What role will Apps play in making events secure?

Apss will play an important role for make our events more secure. It is no secret that during 2020 everything has changed because of COVID 19, which caused all companies to restructure. No one was exempt from this, least of all the people in charge of organizing events. 

But today this should no longer be a concern for you, because there are different ways to organize meetings. The most popular being the use of apps to make events secure, and this is what we will talk about in the following article. 

Events don’t stop

At the beginning of the pandemic it was thought that the development of events was on a tightrope. Mandatory quarantines and social distancing made us visualize that it would be the end. But people have one characteristic that we cannot ignore: adaptability.

Those who cannot adapt cannot survive, and companies had to find a solution to this major problem. It is at this moment when they began to talk about apps for events.

These already existed some time ago, but during 2020 they began to be boosted by the need of organizations to be able to continue with a certain “normality” in their activities. 

In addition, being able to continue with the events is key to keep the mood and motivation high in this complex period.

The most relevant thing is that event organizers can now implement new resources, making the most of technology. After all, it was created to get the most out of it.

The role that apps will play in the realization of secure events

Apps will be the future and the cornerstone of events throughout the pandemic. In other words, they will become part of the “new normal” within a company. 

And although some places are already allowing events with reduced seating capacity, the trend is for these meetings to continue to be virtual for the sake of security.

You have to consider that they also give you some important benefits, such as being able to reduce the budget. In which you had to include elements such as gastronomy, decoration, etc.

But our recommendation is that if you still do not dare to make an event through an app, do not keep wasting your time. Because your audience will be the most grateful and who really look forward to you continuing to be part of their lives. Whether we are talking about your customers or your company’s employees.

Below we want to show you the most used apps for this type of meetings, with which you will definitely be able to surprise your audience. 

But first we need to clarify one thing: Zoom, Google Meet and Skype will not appear in this list, because they do not have the necessary functions to organize a large-scale event.


This software has been developed by a company dedicated to the organization of secure events with apps. In this tool you can find live transmissions, voting rooms, live polls, group chat system, among others.

Brella: another excellent alternative, since you will have access to artificial intelligence technology with live chat systems, private rooms, participation statistics and active users in the event.


This is one of the favorites if you want to hold a large-scale event, because you can summon up to 50,000 people. The attraction of Hopin is that it is a flexible platform. In which you can even create a calendar of events to share with attendees.


It is ideal if you are looking to organize an event such as a conference, a seminar, a summit and much more. In this tool you will find incredible options such as group chats, screen sharing, photos, videos, create free or paid and secure events. But we want to highlight the following, in order to access all this you do not need to download any app, you just have to access the page from the browser.


This application not only allows you to watch a presentation, it will also be useful for networking. You have the option to interact with your avatar with other participants. Enjoy creating fairs, presentations, meetings and commercial events.


If you love technology, don’t miss the opportunity to organize your next event with this app. The wonderful thing is that you can create 3D virtual events, in which all participants and even the stage are represented by an avatar.

Competitive advantages of using apps for more secure events

If this did not have competitive advantages for your company believe us we would not be developing this article for you. You need to be aware of the options that are being generated. 

But you also need to know that using them can help you stand out from your competition, let’s see why:

Strengthen your network of contacts

We have already told you that holding secure events with apps is a perfect instance for networking. In other words, you will increase your network of contacts, generating new business opportunities or building loyalty among the members of the organization.

Goodbye to limitations

This type of event has no geographical limitations and much less limitation with the number of attendees. So you can spread it better, which again leads us to the loyalty of the audience.

You can measure results

In companies, numbers that translate into results will always be important. Thanks to the realization of a virtual event you can get very accurate data on the audience.

They are cheap

If we want to talk about one of the most powerful advantages of being able to make an event through an application, it is that they turn out to be very cheap.

If you have already done one or when you make the budget to do one you will realize it and you will be amazed.

You already have all the information you need to make your next virtual event. Don’t keep looking and choose the app that best suits your company’s needs.

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