Canteen at your Office


Have you ever imagined having the canteen right at your office? Is one of those dreams you've never thought of becoming real! These gift boxes are the most original solution if you want to break the routine. Or simply because you want to protect them and avoid them having to go out to restaurants. This option is for you!

What to Expect

Food is an essential part of any event. When timing or situation does not allow a proper meal, a canteen gourmet catering box is a perfect solution.
Whether you are looking for a hot steak sandwich or a fresh salad, you have the perfect catering package for you with our gourmet service. Our food is packaged in stylish, biodegradable individual boxes for your remote or face-to-face corporate events.
We reinvented the working lunch by offering a canteen gourmet lunch box delivery service to offices and now to you. The lunch box has a fantastic effect on your work meetings.



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Alberto Herrera

Posted 12 months ago
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