Dos Cuerpos Wine and Mezcal Tasting for Events in Mexico City


Dos Cuerpos Wine and Mezcal Tasting for Corporate Events in Mexico City, is driven by the ultimate goal of fostering a shared, equitable, and circular economy, with a profound commitment to elevating awareness and respect for the labor of producers and artisans. The aim is to exalt the cultural richness of the country and encourage responsible consumption that places artisanal products above industrial production and prioritizes experiences over disposable commodities.

To clarify, the core mission is to promote the economic, social, and cultural significance that these products have held throughout history. They achieve this through tastings, events, and collaborations with companies that share the same values and are want to uphold the intrinsic worth of artisanal creations.

Moreover, Dos Cuerpos seeks to preserve and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Mexico. While contributing to a more sustainable and conscientious approach to commerce. One where craftsmanship and experiences take precedence over mass-produced alternatives.


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What to expect from this experience:

Dos Cuerpos Wine and Mezcal Tasting for Events in Mexico City prides itself on maintaining a dedicated team of experts. Who specialize in catering to the unique needs of both national and international corporate clients. Their extensive service portfolio includes the artful creation of personalized corporate gifts. Each carrying a meaningful purpose and offering convenient nationwide delivery options. Furthermore, Dos Cuerpos goes above and beyond by providing bespoke tasting sessions, capable of hosting up to 200 participants.

Therefore, they arrange this sessions at a location of your choice. Within their exclusive venues, or even virtually, demonstrating their commitment to flexibility and adaptation. Dos Cuerpos excels in tailoring their services to harmonize seamlessly with the specific demands of every corporate client. Guaranteeing a highly personalized and truly distinctive experience.



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