Open Bar for your Event in Mexico City


Open bar for your event guests in Mexico City! Enjoy the best drinks and liquor service. You can count on Abac Vinos y Licores! This company specializes in the service of exclusive drinks, which will make the celebration of your event memorable. With over 10 years of experience, Abac stands out for its attentive staff and exquisite wines and spirits.

Moreover, when it comes to an open bar for your event in Mexico City, Abac Vinos y Licores is the ultimate choice to ensure your guests have a truly exceptional libation experience. Their commitment to delivering the finest drinks and liquor service sets the stage for a celebration that will be nothing short of memorable. With a remarkable track record spanning over a decade, Abac has earned its reputation for excellence, thanks in large part to its attentive and dedicated staff.

Their curated selection of exquisite wines and spirits caters to every taste, ensuring that your event is imbued with a touch of sophistication and indulgence. When you choose Abac Vinos y Licores, you're not just securing an open bar; you're elevating your event into an unforgettable occasion marked by the finest libations and top-notch service.

What to expect from this service:

Abac Vinos y Licores will set up an open bar at your event in Mexico City, ensuring that the alcohol does not run out within the contracted time. Since we are experts in the field, we are dedicated to giving you the best service of bartenders. Let us take care of your drinks and the bottles. You've bought so that they do not run out and ensure that they are not stolen.

Let us take care of organizing the party by bringing hostesses dressed in dinner jackets and handing out shots. Also, we handle alcohol on consignment. Which we can give you back up to 20% of what you bought with us.
We handle open bars, shots bar, molecular cocktail bar, hostesses dressed in dinner jackets, bartenders, alcohol on consignment. If is the case, we return up to 20% of what you have leftover.



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