Agile Box for Team Collaboration


Boost the performance of your employees with this Agile Box team building activity! Transform the culture of your teams. Integrate the IMPRO's principles of thinking and interaction as a driver. Therefore, you'll to develop responsiveness, adaptation, and communication. Also, you'll also work on acceptance of error. But, most importantly, you'll practice to drive innovation and agility.

What to expect

Transform the culture of your teams with this Agile Box! This team-building collaboration activity will help you integrate IMPRO's thinking and interaction principles. As a driver, you'll be able to develop your work teams' responsiveness, adaptation, and communication. As well as acceptance of error to drive innovation and agility, skills needed for effective problem-solving. Moreover, improve your creativity and decision-making through improvisation. In other words, with this Agile Box, you will be able to take your employees to the next level of performance and satisfaction. Boost the potential of your teams with us.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
From 4 to 6 hrs


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Posted 6 months ago
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