Wine Tasting Team Building Mexico: The Night of the Missing Cork


Wine Tasting "The Night of the Missing Cork" Team Building Mexico is a game in which we will discover the team who deserves to be the next guardian has been given the CORK by the knights of WINE! Our Sommelier will greet the participants, then, he will lead them through the wine world and instruct them on how to recognize various varietals, tastes, and fragrances. Each team will be a winery corporation with eight players, competing to be the most prosperous as the group is divided into teams.


What to expect

In "The Night of the Missing Cork" Team Building Mexico's Wine Tasting experience, the quest for the coveted CORK, held by the illustrious knights of WINE, is not just a game; it's a spirited adventure that challenges your team's camaraderie and knowledge. As your team embarks on this vinous odyssey, our expert Sommelier will not only greet them but also serve as their guiding light through the enchanting world of wine.

With expert precision, participants will learn to distinguish between varietals, savor the diverse tastes, and identify the captivating fragrances that make each wine unique. Divided into teams, each acting as a winery corporation, the competition adds an exciting twist to the evening. This thrilling experience is more than just a game; it's an opportunity to strengthen bonds, foster teamwork, and, most importantly, celebrate the love of wine in an unforgettable way.

These are the stages your team will follow at the Wine Tasting "The Night of the Missing Cork" Team Building Mexico:
Corks: Firstly, the guide will ask the group to construct an Eiffel Tower out of corks. The squad that performs the best Wine Mix will earn extra points!

Option 1: Teams will duplicate a secret blend that the wine expert will develop. The winning team is the closest-come team!
Option 2: Each team uses a unique recipe to make their own secret mixture. Which they must then duplicate in order to fill a whole bottle.

Marketing: Likewise, each team will develop its own brand, manners, and bottle its special mixture.
Wine Tasting: Finally, each team will have to distinguish their own wine from all the wines that their rivals made. While they have their eyes blindfolded.
Important information:

We recommend implementing this activity at office or hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms and terraces


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Maximum Capacity
3 - 4 hrs


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