Treasure Hunts – Team Building in Mexico


Experience an exciting treasure hunts team building adventure in the heart of Mexico, as your team navigates through captivating locations, solves clues, and works together to unearth hidden treasures, fostering teamwork, problem-solving, and exploration in a thrilling and immersive experience.

In The Treasure Hunts team building activity in Mexico, teams embark on an intriguing adventure as they strive to unlock a treasure box without damaging its contents. Small teams are formed within the larger group, each equipped with a map and hints guiding them to the key's location. Some clues are accessible only after completing specific challenges, while others require the solving of intricate riddles and brainteasers. The teams quickly realize the necessity of collaboration, as each holds a vital piece of the puzzle.

They will share the ultimate victory, with the entire crew successfully opening the treasure box to reveal a fitting reward, such as souvenirs, logo-branded merchandise, or medals. To wrap up the experience, a debriefing session led by our consultant provides a platform for the team to reflect on their journey, extracting valuable lessons from this exciting and collaborative quest.


What to expect

At The Treasure Hunts team building activity in Mexico your teams will discover a treasure box when they get there, But there's a catch! You need to find the key to unlock it without destroying the contents.
The whole group will form small teams. Each team will have a map and tips on where to look for the key to unlock the treasure box. Some leads may only be purchased after completing a challenge, while others can be acquired through solving brainteasers and riddles. However, teams will quickly understand that they require cooperation to open the treasure box. Because each team only possesses a portion of the whole answer.

Everyone wins! The entire crew will assemble all the maps and close all the leads to unlock the treasure box. The treasure can be whatever is more appropriate for the occasion. Like a souvenir, a t-shirt with the business logo, a medal, etc.
Debriefing: After the team opens a treasure box, our consultant will lead a session. That will enable the team to reflect on what happened throughout the exercise and identify the lesson learned.

Important information:

We recommend implementing this activity at gardens and open or vast areas, esplanades, and beachside areas.


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Maximum Capacity
2 - 3 hrs


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