Guilty Team Building


The Guilty Team Building activity is the best way to integrate your team! Also, identify opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths. All of this, through the experiential and recreational experience under the guidance of a coach specializing in leadership, groups, and organizations. To illustrate, a strange murder is an ideal activity to work the sense of analysis and synthesis in the teams by identifying decision-making, speculation, hypothesis, and sense of judgment. The participants must draw conclusions from a story in which a murder occurs and must conclude and present the events' reconstruction as they happened. It is a case to solve.

Through a story in which murder happens, they will appreciate the antecedents utilizing a video; the participants in teams will have to conclude who it was, how it was, and why it happened. To reach conclusions, they will visit the different places where the events took place, look for clues, take pictures, obtain the information they consider necessary to achieve an answer, and thus make the judgment, in which each team presents its conclusions, the one who comes to identify the reality of the event will be the winning team. An exciting activity in which the participants must work as a team, communicate, negotiate, reach conclusions and work very carefully on judgments and false expectations, thus completing a fundamental coaching team process to build the team.

What to expect

Team development, integration, effective communication, negotiation, awareness of judgment, capacity for analysis and synthesis.


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2 -3 Hrs



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