Arctic Challenge – Virtual Team Building


Arctic Challenge takes you on a fascinating virtual team building experience in which you travel ice terrains, solve riddles, and conquer obstacles in a simulated Arctic setting, promoting collaboration and camaraderie from the comfort of your own location.

What to expect

The idea of our Virtual Team Building Activity is to put the team in the context of Shakelton's history (World War I and how to survive).
In our Arctic Survival Simulator, your teams will discover the need for teamwork to survive. The virtual activity is done online through a video application, where our facilitator will guide the participants to do the activity.
The first stage is done individually. For the second stage, teams will be formed. They will have to create a group of whats apps to exchange information and obtain the necessary answers. In the third stage, we will see the results and analyze the data with all the participants.
An excellent tool to face the current situation and the challenges it entails. At the end of the debrief, communication, leadership, humility, collaboration, empathy, and synergy are highlighted.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
1-2 Hrs


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Alberto Herrera

Posted 8 months ago
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