Castaway – Team building


The Castaway Team Building activity is a a fun training series. It will test your personal mettle. Most importantly, you'll learn a lot from ability to accomplish missions as a team.

What to expect

The Castaway Team Building activity is a thematic experiential workshop. It contains four challenges of 50 minutes each one. These are the reinforced topics:

Collaborative work
Assertive communication
Results orientation
Team awareness
Strategic planning and execution
Customer focus.

This is a thematic recreational and experiential workshop.
Firstly, the team becomes a group of travelers. They are on their way to an exotic destination. Then, the flight crashes due to a storm. So the team has to make an emergency landing on a lost island.
Groups must scour the island to recover the plane parts that fell off during the crash landing to return home.
Participants face a series of challenges that will test their ability to work as a team to return to civilization.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
5 Hrs


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