Chocolate Factory – Team Building in Mexico


The objective at Chocolate Factory Team Building in Mexico is to o creatively replicate a business process that involves teamwork and lots of chocolate! Then, participants are divided into numerous teams and given a variety of challenges. ACTIVITIES: The design of their brand, coming up with a "chefs' moniker," and other problems will be faced by teams, indeed. To sum up, participants will get points by creating xa0a marketing strategy, packaging, 30 second TV ad, and marketing campaign to promote their best product to conclude.

What to expect

At this Chocolate Factory team building in Mexico, the entire activity mimics scenarios that occur in real life, certainly. That is to say, it's important to always keep in mind the following success factors: quality, uniqueness, pricing, and profitability, for instance. Therefore, each task is described in depth to mimic actual life as closely as feasible, indeed. Then, each team will need to take into account several key elements, such as quality, uniqueness, sustainability, pricing, and profit, for example.
Important information:

You can implement it at office, in hotel salons and conference rooms or shaded terraces, for example.
Your team will enjoy multiple benefits such as change management, teamwork, communication, project administration, integration and fun! To list some of them.


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Maximum Capacity
2- 3 hrs


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Posted 6 months ago
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