Dragon Boat Experience – Team Building in Mexico


Firstly, for taking this Dragon Boat Experience Team Building in Valle de Bravo, Mexico you must know: What is a Dragon Boat? It is a thin, man-powered boat that is between 10 and 12 meters (almost 40 feet) long and made in China. Moreover, up to 20 rowers may be accommodated in 10 rows of double seats. A captain steers the boat from the back while the leader, who uses a drum to command the beat of the rowers, sits in the head seat. To ensure that the boat moves forward properly, the caller must synchronize the beat of the rowers, that is to say, their speed and direction.

What to expect

For the Dragon Boat Experience Team Building in Mexico an exhilarating treasure hunt takes place on the Valle de Bravo lake, with each team consisting of up to 20 individuals.
Everybody will get a chart with the various ports to disembark from, instructions, and hints for discovering the treasure trove! Then, when a clue is understood, the team discovers a new clue, and so on, until they discover the treasure. Therefore, each squad will need to cooperate with one another in order to move in the appropriate way to get there. Welcome to the greatest treasure hunt, which will call for collaboration, cunning, and coordination!

Important information:

This activity is available at Valle de Bravo
Your team will enjoy multiple benefits such as communication, coordination, teamwork, integration and so much fun!


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
3 - 4 hrs


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