DRINKS Virtual Team Building


The DRINKS Virtual Team Building is best way to integrate your team! Also, you'll identify opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths. All of this through the experiential and recreational experience, under the guidance of a coach specializing in leadership, groups, and organizations. If what you need is to unite your team, integrate them, improve the organizational climate, this event will achieve all these objectives. Through the coexistence, fun, and the challenge of forming a productive and successful cocktail business, the participants will manage to strengthen themselves as a team.

The DRINKS Virtual Team Building is a unique event in which motivation is the overall result obtained after participation. Participants are divided into teams to create a successful and productive bar. They are provided with all the elements and instruments to prepare the drinks and cocktails to be sold. It begins with introducing a bartender (mixologist) who gives them a brief tutorial on how to prepare the drinks and use the instruments. Once the lesson has been learned, they will be asked to make several rounds of cocktails utilizing a command; each team must prepare and present them on time. For their preparation, they will have a budget to plan to make the necessary purchases in the store, which is also part of the event. You will pay per drink according to its presentation, taste, recipe, and team marketing so that the team that makes the most profit will be the winner.

What to expect

Through this DRINKS Virtual Team Building you'll get integration, teamwork, talent optimization, role allocation, planning, budget management, resource optimization, negotiation, effective communication, leadership, and competitiveness.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
2 -3 Hrs



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