Drum Circle Team Building Activity


Unleash the power of rhythm and unity with a Drum Circle Team Building Activity, where participants engage in an energizing and interactive experience, fostering communication, collaboration, and a sense of harmony as they create captivating beats together.

What to expect

These are most potent and rhythmic integration dynamics motivate and raise the level of commitment in your team, fixing the sense of belonging and passion for the company.
Drum Circle Team Building or "Circulo de Tambores" is a high-impact, rhythmic and experiential team building, where integration and teamwork are addressed.
"Union is strength. When there is teamwork, the achievements are impressive."
It uses African drums and large doses of passion and commitment. Since to achieve the masterful rhythm you'll need 100% of teamwork. Adding individual talents that trigger learning applicable to success in working life.
Each participant has to make a precise execution in time and form. Also, follow or guide the team, learning and achieving results under pressure. This will lead them out of their comfort zone. Generating a solid bond and a strong beat of commitment with the team. A perfect drum assembly is achieved when teamwork, leadership, and effective communication have been engraved in the hearts of your collaborators.

What  you get:

Teamwork, integration
Effective and assertive communication.
Increase team motivation.
To raise the sense of innovation and creativity in the company.
It makes emotions vibrate intensely, motivating the team and counteracting stress.
Teams with a common goal.
It develops effective communication and group integration. As a result of creating a broad vision for decision making and conflict management.
It creates a deep sense of belonging. So it increases commitment to goals.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
2 Hrs


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