Film Festival – Team Building in Mexico


With this Film Festival Team Building in Mexico we welcome you to the thrilling game of media filming! In which players take on the roles of journalists, photographers, editors, actors, and authors, for instance. From the following themes, you may select: For the required amount of articles, each team must create a newspaper cover.

They will need to conduct crucial personal interviews, choose the greatest cover photo, and produce a comic based on a convention theme or specific individual! It will be crucial to keep in mind that the media must be profitable. That is to say tey will be required to sell advertisement space in their publication. Then, each team will release a distinct and intriguing interpretation of the messages presented in their protocol! Teams will need to allocate parts because they only have a limited amount of time to develop the storyboard, copy texts, purchase costumes and wardrobe, perform, and shoot their commercial. The year's top ads will thereafter be recognized!

What to expect

With this Film Festival Team Building activity in Mexico your collaborators will receive a huge amount of benefits for improving their sense of belonging, such as:

Project management
Integration and Fun!

Important information:

We recommend implementing meeting rooms in offices or hotels, outdoor areas


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
2- 3 hrs


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