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Gourmetrica gourmet team buildings in Mexico is a firm that specializes in team integration culinary activities specifically. To explain, the team will have limited time and resources and a need for cooperation among members. As a matter of fact kitchen is a microcosm of the workplace. Surely, the culinary exercise enables for hands on learning with tangible benefits of teamwork accomplishment. Once client has paid, there are no refunds or cancelations

What to expect

This is how Gourmetrica gourmet team buildings in Mexico works indeed:
Certainly by replicating day to day behaviors, habits and daily attitudes of the individual, the dynamics allow the participant to become aware of their behaviors and the feelings associated with them. As a result, we'll be able to analyze your team strengths and weaknesses and more.
In other words, this awareness is the basis for reinforcing their skills and for generating. Also, when required, new behaviors and paradigms in the individual and the team.


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From 3 to 8 hrs


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