Team Integration: Virtual Team Building


This Team Integration Virtual Team Building workshop promotes the rapprochement between team members. It's based on a more profound knowledge of each other. This will allow them to build bonds of communication among participants to strengthen trust and teamwork. The Team Integration Virtual Team Building has fun training series. They will test your personal mettle. And most importantly, your ability to accomplish missions as a team. The Team Integration Virtual Team Building is a thematic experiential workshop. It contains four challenges of 50 min. Each one, where the following topics are reinforced:

What to expect

Strengthen the interpersonal relationships of the work team despite the distance through this Team Integration Virtual Team Building.
To sum up, the Team Integration Virtual workshop is made up of various activities. Each one with its respective debriefing on how this particular team experiences it.
As a result, you'll integrate the team! Also, generate empathy and union. And not to mention the great time you'll have. But most importantly, you'll create a safe space of trust and recognition. Small closings with a reflective message.


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2 Hrs


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