LOST – Team Building in Mexico


Participants in LOST Team Building in Mexico are left alone on a desert island after a terrible plane crash. They will have to overcome several obstacles in order to survive. Teams will be split up into groups of 10, and each one will try to survive by accumulating points for each success! In the end, the team with the most points triumphs.

What to expect

With this LOST Team Building in Mexico your goals for collaboration, resource management, or planning can be taken into account while customizing this game or training.
FIRE: Each team must construct a fire with nothing but a magnifying lens. They'll have to prepare food to demonstrate it! The winning team is the first to pop a popcorn kernel!
HUNTING: Each team will have to use a slingshot to blast targets at a difficult distance while hunting!
NAVIGATOR: Each team will construct a raft using tape, plastic, floating objects, and cardboard. The race starts after they are constructed! There will be prizes for the quickest, most inventive, and most durable watercraft!

Important information:

We recommend implementing it in a location with a pool, seaside with low wave intensity or lakes.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
2- 3 hrs


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Alberto Herrera

Posted 9 months ago
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