Match Corporate Rally – Team Building in Mexico


Ignite your team's competitive spirit with Match Corporate Rally, a thrilling team-building experience set in the vibrant landscapes of Mexico. Engage in exhilarating challenges, cultural exploration, and strategic collaboration, as you race against the clock to strengthen bonds and achieve victory in this unforgettable adventure.

What to expect

To clarify, the stages of the Match Corporate Rally Team Building Activity in Mexico are the following:
Enigma: Each team will select a person to receive the confidential information. Then, he or she will then need to communicate it to the other team members using nautical code over a distance.
Union: While bound together at the waist, each team will recall a list of distinct materials meanwhile. The team will see that their velocity is determined by the individual who is moving the slowest.
Creativity: Each team will construct the tallest tower it can using just the materials supplied. Therefore, the winner is the tallest skyscraper!
Air Balloons: Teams receive instructions on how to construct their own balloons. Each balloon will be inflated with hot air using a blowtorch, and the team members will choose when to let go. The highest-flying balloon wins the competition!

Important information:

We recommend implementing it at gardens and open or vast areas, esplanades, and beachside areas.
Your team will enjoy multiple benefits such as communication, quality, teamwork, integration and so much fun!


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
2 - 4 hrs


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Alberto Herrera

Posted 9 months ago
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