Mecano Formula One Racing – Team Building in Mexico


The goal of the Mecano Formula One Racing Team Building Activity in Mexico is building and creating a game are the activities that are carried out in which, with a purpose, the participants must solve the challenge of putting together something with specific characteristics, in a given time, and managing the changes that may arise.

What to expect

This Mecano Formula One Racing Team Building in Mexico works like this: In the game each racing team (groups of 8 to 10) will have a specific goal: to make the most money throughout the season! To get there, they'll take part in competitions with financial rewards, such as best design, most creative group photo, best commercial, and the prestigious Grand
Prix The racing teams will receive supplies and money to buy other items as part of their first kit. They'll have a specialist shop where they'll offer spare components, technical data, user guides, paper, ornamental materials, axes, wheels, and other things.
Grand Prix: Each race vehicle in the Grand Prix runs a circuit-style course while toting a bottle of water, which it dumps at the end of each lap, and making pit stops to switch drivers and adjust the engines. The winning squad is the one who fills their water tank first.
Pilots must switch out their helmet and overalls after each lap (obligatory for security purposes). After the race, a recap of the event will be held.
This takes place to evaluate outcomes and tally the cash gains of each team. A bottle of Champagne will be given to the victorious team as a victory gift.

Important information:

We recommend implementing it in a meeting room or a terrace.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
2- 3 hrs


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