World Wonder Discovery Chichen Itza Tour in Riviera Maya


In this World Wonder Discovery Chichen Itza Tour in Riviera Maya you'll visit Chichen Itza, named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is one of the most stunning archaeological sites in the Americas and a must-see for everyone interested in history and culture, undoubtedly. Therefore, this is one of the most researched and reconstructed ancient towns in Mexico. That is to say, it provides us with unparalleled insight into the mysteries of this intriguing civilization as well as an excellent depiction of what the city originally looked like. In addition, monuments such as the Pyramid of Kukulkan and the Enormous Ball Court are interesting testaments to the Mayan civilization's great achievements. Without a doubt, the professional guide will bring you through the city's centuries of history and growth, as well as explain the spectacular architecture, art, and engineering.

What to expect

World Wonder Discovery Chichen Itza Tour in Riviera Maya is ideal for individuals who want to take a trip back in time. That is to say, the vast and magnificent restoration of the Chichen Itza site offers a unique viewpoint on the ancient Mayan city's previous magnificence.
Indeed, a visit to Valladolid and its magnificent surrounding cenotes provides a well-balanced variety of activities. Therefore, this is a trip where you will spend a day learning about true Yucatec culture and the Maya's past and present.


Firstly, the pick up is between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. Then, Our licensed guide will accompany you to Chichen Itza. After, you'll enjoy a tasty regional lunch at a lovely colonial restaurant and spend some time walking about Valladolid's historic center. Moreover, finish the day at a Mayan community-run Cenote, and drop off between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m.


Mesoamerican archaeology
Chichen Itza
Eco-tourism cenote
Culture and history
Colonial architecture
Valladolid city

Important information:

  • Recommendations:

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear (sandals ok)
Put on a bathing suit, sunglasses, and a towel.
Bring your camera and binoculars.
Wear sunscreen (bio degradable, but preferably clothes to aid with sun protection or umbrella)
Bring some money.
There are no ATMs in the zone, and none of the businesses take credit cards.


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