Breaking Paradigms Virtual Workshop


Breaking Paradigms is a high-impact virtual workshop that invites participants to review their way of seeing and relating to the world. Through introspective and reflective processes, exercises, and the presentation of a disruptive theoretical platform, participants will recognize the prevailing attitude and behavioral patterns with which they respond daily to the situations they face. To point out whether these are constructive and valid in the new reality that the 21st century presents us with.

What to expect:

Firstly, through this Breaking Paradigms virtual workshop, participants will identify a crucial moment in their lives in which being present was essential.Then, they will share this reflection with their peers in small cells to exchange experiences and learnings. To conclude, we will do a thorough analysis of the phenomenon of control to help the participant discover what they really have control over in their life. So as to avoid energy drain frustration and help them focus on what is really in their hands to build their future.

Breaking Paradigms Virtual Workshop agenda:

-The power of conscious presence and its scope.
-Approaches to life:A) VictimB) ResponsibleC) Proactive
-The Mirage of Control.
-Tunnel vision vs. Opening horizons.
-Methodology to generate change:A) Questioning paradigms.B) Vision from another perspective.C) Acting differently.
-Case study solution applying the previous methodology.
-Final reflections.

Moreover, the Breaking Paradigms virtual workshop will empower the participant by reinforcing the core concept that they are in control of the decisions and actions they take in their life.
With this in mind, they will reduce anxiety levels by releasing the need to control of their life. Whereas, they are going to recognize different approaches to life. Also, to analyze the pros and cons of each to select the one that best enables them to manage life. To recognize the power and potential of conscious presence. And also, to provide a simple methodology to facilitate participants to generate change and allow them to experiment with it.


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120 minutes


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