Effective Communication in Times of Crisis Virtual Workshop


Learn how to get trough times of crisis with this Effective Communication virtual workshop. Communication is an essential element in human relationships that requires special attention. For example, exacerbated emotions and misunderstandings lead to interpersonal conflict and communication deficiencies in many scenarios. Therefore, we began the Effective Communication virtual workshop by identifying the emotional and mental impact caused when a person asks us to talk about a serious situation. After, we work reinforcing the importance of approaching difficult conversations while maintaining a space of trust, but at the same time. Most importantly, being assertive with the other person.

What to expect

During this Effective Communication Virtual Workshop the participant will be able to apply the learning to a personal problem. That is to say, topics reviewed are useful for a wide variety of conversations. Likewise in the workplace and in the private sphere.


5 key questions to analyze the context and purpose of the conversation.
4 practical and timely tools
3 tips for a safe environment
Additionally, 1 productive conversation and negotiation technique


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120 minutes


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