New World, New Leader Virtual Workshop


Learn how a new leader must face this new world with this virtual workshop! Everything has changed. A pandemic has collapsed paradigms, structures, economic models, and even the way we interrelate as humanity. Moreover, today it is necessary to rethink leadership models to meet the needs of a world that is redefining and reinventing itself at breakneck speed.

What to expect

The New World New Leader virtual workshop begins by presenting the theoretical content of the fourth industrial revolution and the difference between management and leadership.
Likewise, in this section, there is a brief recapitulation of the changes modifying the way we live. To sum the characteristics of the new leader towards the development of skills.

After this, we begin to analyze in-depth the 5 skills of the leader of the new world:
1. Continuous learning promotes self-management.
2. Clear purpose, capitalizes on the energy of the group.
3. Trust, the art of vulnerability
4. Resilience, seize opportunities
5. Adaptability, master uncertainty

That is to say, each skill block contains definition, usefulness, a question for reflection and participation, tips and recommendations to learn more about the topic, and a representative character for each skill.

The New World New Leader virtual workshop has 3 blocks of exercises:
I: self-motivation work and personal exploration.
II: Individual exercise with a group reflection.
III: Group discussion, conclusions, and creative presentations.

To conclude, in a closing exercise, we will get a self-diagnosis. Which is carried out to help participants determine which skills are their strengths and/or areas of opportunity. To demonstrate that each participant can trace their critical path towards a path of improvement.
Lastly, we will project an emotional video that will touch the hearts of the new leaders.


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120 minutes


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