The recipe for best Beer! Workshop Event in Mexico City


Get your team to learn the recipe for the best beer at this workshop event in Mexico City! This workshop event is what you need. In our store, you can find everything to make a traditional beer from, from the basics of making beer at home to what is necessary for an experienced microbrewery.

Discover the art and science of crafting the finest beer in Mexico City through our immersive workshop experience. Whether you're a novice brewer or an experienced enthusiast, our comprehensive store offers everything you need to perfect the process of creating traditional beer. From the fundamental principles of home brewing to the advanced equipment required for a full-fledged microbrewery, our workshop caters to all levels of expertise.

Led by skilled brewmasters, you and your team will gain hands-on knowledge, learning the secrets behind the perfect brew, and mastering the alchemy of beer-making. Unite your passion for beer with the joy of discovery, and let the flavors of your creations flow in this unique and engaging workshop. Cheers to crafting the best beer together!

What to expect from this experience:

Acquisition of new knowledge about the elaboration of this delicious beer recipe. A beverage recognized worldwide and an event experience that will leave you with a great taste of Mexican beer.
At the end of the "Recipe for the best beer workshop event in Mexico City" you will also send a mail with about 15 recipes. Also, telephone assistance for any questions or comments about the material received.

Important information:

We offer the course on the last Sunday of each month.
Reservations are made as soon as possible by setting aside USD 18. TAXES INCLUDED.
The form of payment can be cash or credit card, except American Express, with a 3% commission.
It is a requirement to go directly to the shop.


Under Request
Maximum Capacity
5 hrs


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Alberto Herrera

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