Virtual Mixology Workshop in Mexico City


Include our virtual Mixology workshop in Mexico City for your next event to break the ice.xa0 We send a box with all the necessary ingredients to prepare one to four different drinks. Via zoom, we connect you with a mixologist who will help you step by step to prepare your favorite beverage.

  • Gin workshop $29
  • Tamarind Smirnoff workshop $29
  • Maestro Dobel workshop $32
  • Macallan 12-year-old workshop $53

*Prices per session. Shipping cost is not included.

What to expect

Offer our virtual mixology workshop in Mexico City to your team and keep them motivated. We'll be teaching you how to mix one to four different drinks. The best part is that we'll teach you how to make them taste as good as they look.
In this process, you'll learn to make delicious drinks and have a perfect time with us. You'll be able to impress your friends and family with your new skills as a mixologist.

Important information:

Information about the company is necessary so that the mixologist knows with whom he/she will be interacting.
Address and phone number of the delivery locations, full names.
Seven working days to contract


Under Request
1 hr



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